What are Essential Rewards?

A great program that Young Living offers is the Essential Rewards (ER) program!  Essential Rewards is set to enable you to earn free products and oils, save on shipping costs, and/or grow a business if you’d like.  To put it simply, Essential Rewards custom jerseys is a once a month order that you make with Young Living.  (It kind of reminds me of a rewards card at stores like The Gap or Old Navy. Every time I make a purchase I earn points towards free Gap stuff! This is very similar!)

1. You set the date each month that you want to make your order (you can change the date every month if you want) and you pick which products you want to order (this can also change every month). All of this is done simply through your online Young Living back office.

2. They ask that in order to Cheap Football Jerseys earn points with your order that your order be at least 50 Point Value (PV) a month. 1 point is usually equal to $1. If you want to grow a business and earn bonuses and commissions they ask that you order at least 100 PV a month (about $100).peppermint-lavender-lemon

3. With this you begin to earn points with each order depending on the total PV ordered. As you continue with Young Living over Gloss time your point percentages increase.

– Months 1-6 on ER and you earn 10% of points from your order. So if your order is 100 PV you will earn 10 points. (Orange essential oil is 10.75!)
– Months 6-12 on ER and you earn 15% of points from your order. So if your order is 100 Cheap Jerseys from china PV you will earn 15 points. (Lemon essential oil is 11.25!)
– After 12 consecutive months on ER you begin to earn 20% of points from your order. So an order of 100 PV will earn 20 points! (Eucalyptus essential oil is Fake Oakleys 18 PV and Peppermint is 21.50)

It’s like a free oil every month!  You can also save up points over time to get a bunch of oils or really special oils like Frankincense!

4. Essential Rewards also saves you on shipping costs at a flat rate of $6.98.

5. You may sign up for Essential Rewards anytime after you become a member.

6. If you sign up for Essential Rewards you are not bound to it and if you decide you no longer want it you can cancel it at any time.  They are always really nice and will help you out and never guilt trip you for opting out.

7. Lastly, every month Young Living offers a special promotion to Essential Rewards members as well based on PV totals. This month’s promotion was really great and I got a free Lemon, Purification, and Citrus Fresh oils for ordering 190 PV (not to mention all of the free points I earned!). They offer promotional rewards at 190 PV, 240 PV and 300 PV and the promotion gets better the higher the PV.

If you are a member you can sign up for Essential Rewards in your back office by clicking the “Essential Rewards” tab, through customer service, or through Live Help.

If you are not a member you can be by purchasing a Starter Kit here!

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