About Jenny

Howdy folks! I’m Jenny and this is my blog! I was Fake Oakleys born and raised in the Texas countryside with lots of love, land, and animals. I’ve played sports cheap mlb jerseys since I can remember and have always loved a good adventure. I’m a graduate of Texas A&M University (whoop!) where I found Jesus and my husband Ryan. We’ve been married for 10 years and have 2 cheap jordans adorable little girls who have completely stolen our hearts. 7 years ago Plastic we picked up and moved to the mid-west and are just doing life one day at a time. God has been oakley outlet so good to us.

I decided to write this blog after a season of well…difficulty. I have been realizing a lot about God, myself, motherhood, health, family, and just life in general. Many of my friends have been encouraging me to just “write cheap jerseys it down.” So…here is my journey. We all have one. This is just some of mine. 🙂