How I Got Started with Essential Oils

I discovered Кухонные essential oils in 2013 after having had a dream about Frankincense. I dreamed I was at my Chiropractor’s office and while I was in there I was asking the Dr. what he thought about vaccines. While we were talking an unknown nurse came in. Cheap Jerseys She had this bottle of Frankincense and dumped almost the entire bottle down my neck! The smell was so strong it filled the room and I actually had to hold my nose and wave my hand in the dream because of it!

I was so stuck by the dream that I immediately began to research Frankincense online. What I found was astonishing! Besides all of the amazing Biblical references and uses,  I read that in many Asian cultures Frankincense is actually used to help with arthritis and strengthening the female hormone system! Go figure! These were the exact things I was struggling with in that current season! Not to mention that Frankincense is also great to use on the skin as well as for perfume and aromatherapy. Yeah…it pretty much works for everything. Isn’t God so good? He knows exactly what we need when we need it. He made everything!

So at this point I was really excited but had no idea where to get Frankincense. I think somehow I realized that they sold Frankincense and other essential oils at a health food store we frequent often. So, the next time we were there I found their essential oils section. There were a ton of oils. I saw that Frankincense was expensive so I waited to get it and bought peppermint oil instead. I don’t remember exactly the time frame but I think soon after one of my girls got sick so I decided to use the peppermint oil on her chest to breathe. I put some on my hand and rubbed it on. After I applied it to her she started screaming and crying and saying it burned. I realized as well that my hands were almost numb. The peppermint oil from the health food store was burning us and actually smelled horrible! I assumed at that point that this must be normal. The bottle said it was organic and I bought it from a store I trusted so I figured it had to be good.

Later, I bought the little bottle of Frankincense. I had visited Egypt several years ago and had smelled and bought a small bottle of Frankincense there. The kind I bought at the health food store was a dark brown color, not clearish and again smelled bad. I knew there had to be a wholesale nfl jerseys better quality because I had experienced it firsthand in Egypt.

A friend of mine, Catherine Slezinger, The Organic Momma, had just begun to get involved with Essential Oils through Young Living. I knew she was super knowledgeable about health and all things organic and pure so I decided to talk to her about the oils. One day I stopped by her house and she let me smell and sample some of the oils and I was sold! She put the Young Living Peppermint oil on my neck and it smelled wonderful and felt amazing. It didn’t burn but was this wonderful tingly, relaxing feeling! All of the oils smelled amazing and were this amazing pure clear color and not thick and smelly like some of the other oil brands I had tried. Soon after that I ordered my kit and was so excited to learn more about the oils and what they did! Since then it has been the most exciting journey and the more I learn about them and use them the more I love them!

Want to join me? I would love you to be a part of this journey with me! We can learn and grow together! It has been the wisest investment me and my family could have made toward our health and away for sickness!

To join the Essential Oil Journey click here.

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